Tablet Computer Repairs

We repair all known brands of Tablet Computers including Apple iPad, Samsung Tab, Lenovo and many more.

Our quick turnaround and affordable prices can suit bother business and public needs. Call or Message us for a quote. 

Tablet repair services;

Touch screen and LCD display replacements 

Charging port issues 

Power / Battery replacement

Software updates and fixes

Data recovery

Bulk repairs for Schools and Business

Popular Tablet repair services

Repairs for Schools and Business

We know the importance of technology in a workplace which is why we offer a quick, affordable service to all schools and businesses within South Yorkshire.

Did you know the price of a tablet repair averages less than 15% of the cost to buy a replacement? Plus the positive financial and environmental impact it makes sense to repair our technology for business needs. 

Network Unlocking

We provide network unlocking services for mobile phones from all UK networks. 

Our remote service means customers don’t have to leave their phone in store while the unlock is in progress.


Charging port replacement

Over time our charging ports stretch from using different charging leads and they can fill up with dust and pocket lint making it difficult to charge, until the day it completely stops working. 

Often a same day repair, replacing a faulty charging port is very common repair.

Business Repairs

We work with a number of businesses, small and large within South Yorkshire including Schools and Colleges.

Business repair benefits;
Call-out technician
Priority repairs
Pick up & drop off service 
Bulk discount 
Product sourcing

Unusual Phone Repairs?

We offer our repair service to owners of lesser know brands such as Huawei, Opp and Xiaomi. Whereas many repair shops may not take on such repair jobs, we will always consider any phone repair regardless of brand. We also repair DooGee, Nextbit, OnePlus, ZTE and any other brand. 

Find us

We are located outside the City Centre with free road parking available, we are also on a main bus route and a short walk away from a tram stop.


Monday to Saturday - 12:00 - 17:00

Sunday - Closed

We are here

205 City Road, Sheffield, S2 5HF
Phone: 07463921129