PC looking a little worn out?

Our skilled technicians are able to repair or replace any aspect of a PC. We also offer complete builds for business, personal use and gaming.

Our services

Our repair service covers a wide range of computers including Laptop, Desktop, Tablet and All-In-One. We will consider every repair whether big or small, software or hardware.
All repairs are completed at our repair shop located on City Road, Sheffield by our skilled technicians.

Popular repairs


Often over time our laptops can become slow and sluggish with a virus or two lurking in the background.
We provide a ‘refresh’ service which will bring your laptop back up to speed. With a fresh clean Operating System install and setup your laptop will feel like new again!

Broken Screen

Breaking your laptop screen is never convenient and can look much worse than it seems.
The good news is laptop screen replacements are often relatively cheap and the turnaround time can be the same day depending on available stock. 

PC Upgrades

Whether it be more storage, more RAM or the latest graphics card we can take care of any upgrade needs. 
If you are not familiar with the inner working of a PC you can tell us what you would like to achieve by upgrading your components and we will recommend the appropriate upgrades.


By far our favorite service we offer, custom built gaming PC’s! We build Gaming PC’s to spec, price or requirements. 

How much does a Gaming PC cost?

The cost of a gaming PC depends on what you as a user want the PC to do and how much you are willing to spend.

We have experience building low to mid-end and high end machines. Our fee is always the same regardless of grade of parts you choose and we do not profit from the parts, we charge a flat rate for building the PC. 
Contact us for an up to date price.

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